Making an edible arrangement such as a fruit-based creation isn’t that difficult. Buy some regular fruits at your nearby supermarket and make your own fruit-based edible arrangement. Making your own fruit-based arrangement means you can save money, which you may otherwise spend on a ready-made fruit basket. But if you prefer to buy ready-made fruit baskets, you have choices in that regard too. Let’s learn a bit more about edible fruit bouquets.


A fruit basket makes a great gift, not just because it looks wonderful but also since it could be eaten. This is unlike flowers that head straight to the trash after a few hours or days. With an edible basket such as a fruit basket, you can pose for stills with it and later serve the fruits to your family and friends.

An edible arrangement is essentially a fresh fruit bouquet, with some also including chocolate-dipped pieces. Compare this to a cookie arrangement and you would find fruits such as pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, and the likes making for a much healthier edible arrangement or way to express love.

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements is a company that’s into selling fruit bouquets and similar edible presentations for almost a decade now. The company has close to 900 locations in America. This means if you’re looking for an Edible Arrangements store in America, you would not be hard-pressed to find one. Moreover, with – Get 25% Off and other similar discounts issued time and again by the company, it would be hard to not consider Edible Arrangements and its offerings.

In case, which is highly unlikely, there is no store nearby, you can still get your edible arrangement ordered and delivered to your loved one. Edible arrangements are so much superior to other edible gift items in different ways. Cookie arrangements are typically high in cholesterol and sugar. If you don’t want to take that route and still keep your presentation edible, then there’s no better option other than Edible Arrangements’ fruit baskets. All the fruit-based arrangements prepared by the company use fresh, high-quality fruit(s).

Reasonably Priced

Among the other best things about Edible Arrangements’ fruit baskets are their reasonable prices. A box comprising chocolate-dipped oranges and apples could set you back by at least $25. If you add more special ingredients to the basket or if you’re customizing the basket for a special event by adding exotic fruits to the mix, the price could go upwards of $200.

Edible arrangements’ baskets are fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to similar edible arrangements offered by other sellers. The actual price of the baskets may vary, depending on your requirements. But, at the end of the day, you would end up saving some significant cash on your purchase anyway.


Edible Arrangements doesn’t sell a few standard baskets. There is a whole lot of options for a variety of occasions. If you’re looking for a particular type of fruit basket, probably for a Thanksgiving table or a wedding reception, Edible Arrangements would likely have one fitting the bill. Moreover, there’s also the option of customizing the basket, in case you happen to not find anything suitable, which is usually rare. The prices may rise with the level of customization, but that should be okay if the money spent fetches you both presentation value and a viable food source.

Market Talk

As aforementioned, Edible Arrangements is no newbie, which means it has its fair share of fans or loyal customers. Though quite a few are critical of the services, the majority are in appreciation of Edible Arrangements’ services.

Most of the favorable reviews talk about how good the presentations or arrangements are. In other words, the designs are quite unique. Edible Arrangements knows which fruit(s) to choose for a particular occasion or event and how to present them as a package. Most other similar service providers just bring the different fruits together. They don’t care or probably don’t know much about harmony. Edible Arrangements is aware that these fruit bouquets are going to replace flower bouquets, which are some huge shoes to fill, and its edible arrangements live up to the task.

The other positives about Edible Arrangements’ fruit basket and arrangement services are the freshness of its fruits and timely delivery. Both these attributes go hand-in-hand as any delay could mean the fruit not reaching the customer in an optimal state.